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Cascade Solar has been involved in managing a variety of solar electric projects since 1997

The Shakespearean Festival Headquarters building has a solar photovoltaic system on it, with help from Cascade Solar! Read more about the Ashland project.

Cascade Solar works with students and corporate sponsors to install photovoltaics on school buildings. Learn more about Solar for Schools.

CSC operates the Portland Area Regional Solar Radiation Data Monitoring Station. Read more about the PARS Station.

Cascade Solar managed the project that gave The Nature Conservancy building in southeast Portland its photovoltaic system. Learn more about the T.N.C. project.

Doug Boleyn of Cascade Solar set up monitoring systems at 23 photovoltaic-powered homes in California while working for RER, Inc. Read on about the RER project.

For the Ocean Solar project, Cascade Solar served as design consultant, project manager and data monitor.

Cascade Solar helped a Portlander supply most of her energy needs with solar in the Kimberly project.



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